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Festival Chorijazz - Vaison-la-Romaine 1999

The day of the total eclipse in France !


A nice jazz lesson

The ten singer swingers of Charlatan Transfer with perfect equality between men and women settled, accompanied by a pianist and a bass player, who, if they don't play very often, always do it with majesty. They totally conquered the audience with a very smooth and delicate "Smile" of Chaplin, or the very nice and very jazz "It don't mean a thing" of Duke Ellington. The nice jazz lesson continued with a lively scat "All the things you are" and reached the sublime with an ethereal grace at the end of "Tea for two", during which the voices, smoothly faded, little by little, as the flame of a candle.

Le Dauphiné Libéré (Vaucluse Matin), saturday 14 August 1999