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Record "Sing & Swing"

Anne et Claude Germain,
former members of Double Six from Paris

31 May 2005
The Double Six can be proud to have such beautiful children! With a group like Charlatan Transfer, the baton will be securely passed to future generations. It's enough to love music, singing and…working hard!
Bravo for this very beautiful production and for your talent.

Polyphonies - Revues de Chant Choral

Polyphonies n°7

May 2005
The twelve singers interpret, under the direction of François Bessac, fifteen jazz standards in French and English with high-quality arrangements. Claude Germain, former member of Double Six, is in fact, the author of several pieces, some of which are dedicated to this group. The majority of the pieces are accompanied by a jazz trio (supplemented by a fourth guy whose many talents include the violin saxophone and clarinet), however, five pieces are sung a cappella, with their riche harmonies and magical ambiance. The styles cover a large palette: blues, swing, Brazilian and of course the close harmony ballads, and numerous dedications to mythical vocal groups throughout the disk.
In sum, some good polyphony to make some good jazz!!

Festival of the Soloist Voice in Vercors

François Drevon - Organisation Committee

10 October 2004
Thanks to Charlatan Transfer for the magnificent concert given during the Festival. Know that you thrilled the audience. We knew that we were making the right choice.
You have been one of the strong points of our festival. Nothing but praise everywhere! What talent! Thanks again.

17° Choralies of Vaison-la-Romaine

La Provence

10 August 2001
" [...] Charlatan Transfer raised the curtain. Ten joyous singers in suspenders and bow-ties. Both male and female voices to serve such diverse composers as Duke Ellington at Manhattan Transfer (those even whose names they twisted for comedy). Cool and spruce, a cappella or piano rhythms, a bass violin and drums, an pleasing repertoire and interesting voices. [...]."

Saint-Martin d'Uriage

Le Dauphiné Libéré

12 June 2000
For the first concert of these 34th Musical Animations, the Friends of the Organ Pipe and Music innovated by inviting Charlatan Transfer, a jazz vocal group conducted by François Bessac. This was a discovery for the audiance, beacuase this kind of vocal ensemble is rare. The female and male voices, well sustained by the piano of Pascal Andréis and the double bass of Paul Cuttat had let blow the talent up. From Charle Trénet to Claude Nougaro, from Gershwin to Duke Ellington, and the beatiful "For Henri et Basie" written by Anne et Claude Germain, Charlatan Transfer has fully expressed its joyful and its mastery of interpretation.

Chorijazz 1999 - Vaison-la-Romaine

Le Dauphiné Libéré
Vaucluse Matin

14 August 1999
[..] The ten singers swingers of Charlatan Transfer with perfect balance between men and women settled, accompanied by a pianist and a bass player, who, if they don't play very often, always do it with majesty. They totally conquered the audience with a very smooth and delicate "Smile" of Chaplin, or the very nice and very jazz "It don't mean a thing" of Duke Ellington. The nice jazz lesson continued with a lively scat "All the things you are" and reached the sublime with an ethereal grace at the end of "Tea for two", during which the voices, smoothly faded, little by little, as the flame of a candle.

Saint Sauveur

Le Dauphiné Libéré

30 September 1998
[..] After the 35 male singers of Entresol, 8 singers (4 + 4) conducted by the talentuous François BESSAC of Charlatan Transfer (from Grenoble) invite the audience in a world tour on jazz songs. 
During this trip, we can meet Trénet, but also Nougaro among many foreign composers. Of course, the vocal power is lower than the male chorus, but the quality if better emphasized and throughout all these outstanding interpretations, the unremitting work which one guess, always appears a great sense of humour.
A really exciting evening. A true moment of happiness

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